Gloria Stefl is a photographic artist, intertwining landscapes with the human form to explore dream realities and nostalgia through a contemporary female lens. Inspired by the female gaze, she is realising her own escape world through different types of experimental media with a  primary focus on analog photography.

Through her work she is exploring the intangible, documenting emotions and translating them into visual poetry.Her curiosity towards the essence of the human experience, towards memories and feelings connected to those, allow her to build her own narrative evoking a sense of wonder and introspection.

Gloria Stefl is currently based in Sydney.



Rewind Photo Lab: Selected Portraits (2024)

Haute Photographie Rotterdam: Fresh Eyes Talent (2024) 

Anomalie Art Point: Fashion: Anomalie Art Club (2023) 

“Selected” Rundgang: SRH Berlin School of Design and Communication (2023) 
Homefullofclothes POP UP (2022)

Art, Fashion & Design Market Villa Flora x Homefullofclothes, Munich (2021)

Fresh Eyes Talent Award Top 100  emerging photographers (2024)

Fresh Eyes Talent 2024 - Gup Magazine, Purple Haze Magazine, Kaltblut Magazin. Aeonian Magazine, Motto Books, Womenwhoshoot-filmmag