Latent Occurrences  (multimedia installation) explores the many twists and turns of metamorphosis as a metaphor in the context of human relationships. Based on the mythological tales from Ovid, as well as theories from Freud, Latent Occurences seeks to create a visualisation of human conflict and human interactions. Furthermore, it is the aim of the artist to create a response to the ideas and concepts of the surrealists by focusing on the subconsconcious and the invisible, through a contemporary female lense.

A central figure in this work is a transparent piece of latex, which symbolises an external force humans become subject to in relationships. The images with the black background and the protagonist fully convered in the fabric, convey feelings of uneasiness and claustrophobia. Being caged. Whereas the black and white photographs bring more lightness, dynamic and playfulness into the series. This contrast suggests the ambiguity of the process of transformation and the complexity of human interactions. The latex is also representative of a cage or a shell, we find ourselves in. Whereas one part of the series shows a more intense struggle of being trapped, the black and white
images bring playfulness into the series and highlight the comfort we can feel in our confinement. Lastly, the photograms depict an empty shell. A sort of end to the story, where the protagonist has escaped the force. The medium of photograms allows for every piece to be a unique work, also representative of the concept that everyones shell can manifest itself in different ways.


2023, black and white photogram,, 40.5 x 50.8 the spider that haunts me in my dreams (original)

2023, black and white photogram,
40.5 x 50.8 in my shell (original)

2023, black and white photogram,
40.5 x 50.8 i’m building a nest inside your soul (original)

2023, black and white photogram,
40.5 x 50.8