Collaborative sketching on train from Paris to Brittany. In blue and green books that come in double packs. Shaky handwriting on a bus and hoping not to get sick. Feeling anxious and spacey after a night of drinking. Surrounded by pretty landscapes, and pretty people.

A journey to the end of the world is the product of the emotions we tried to capture while travelling. The freedom, the nostalgia, the pain and also the growth. The zine shows a visual exploration of how it feels to be a women, to inhabit a female body, without the lurking eye of the patriarchy. With the following works we wanted to create a sort of escape world, free from all the stigmas revolving around female nudity and free from all the beauty standards women are compelled to fit into. 
Collaborative project with Verena Müllner. 

Instead of trying to please the male gaze, we wanted to approach our nudity in a more fun and playful way. Not with the intention to be provocative, but to see nudity as something almost mundane. Nothing to be ashamed of and nothing to be sexualised by someone else. Our bodies and our skin for no one but ourselves. We wanted to create something from our own perspective rather than to fit into what feminist art ist considered today. The nude photographs were a way to explore our feminin body and our femininity in a way that is far from creating something for the pleasure of the spectator. It was merely to have fun. Without anything in mind. Combined with the sketches, that were created in an almost dadaist manner, the zine feels like a personal travel diary.